We carry over twelve different types of gravel. Here are just a few…

3/8″ or 3/4″ Red Tipple: Great for an unpaved driveway. It can be used in many landscape applications.

1″ – 3″ River Jacks: A decorative round stone. A mix of colors, tans, grays, light purple. Looks great in any landscape design.

3″ – 5″ River Jacks: A mix of colors, tans, grays, light purple. Ideal for landscape accenting. Provides a very bold look.

Gray Modified Gravel: 3/4″ mixed with stone dust. Use where you need compaction (i.e. driveway base, under sheds, around fence posts).

Screenings: Stone dust. Fine gray stone particles.

Concrete Sand: Yellow sand containing very small pebbles. Used for mixing in concrete or leveling paver base.