We carry several different types of mulches. Here are just a few…

Premium Hardwood Mulch: This mulch is double shredded. It has a high consistency of hardwood bark. This gives it a darker color compared to most mulch. It also consists of wood chips and root material all processed through grinding and screening equipment. This mulch is an all-natural product with no chemicals added and is aged from six months to one year. It is our most popular mulch and is excellent for formal landscaping situations. Available in bagged or bulk.

Triple Shredded: This mulch has the same consistency as the above mulch. With the exception of it being shredded three times. This mulch is very fine and is considered to be our superior mulch. It has a very rich look and is extremely easy to spread. Available in bulk only.

Dyed Mulch: This is a premium landscape mulch. Made from selected reclaimed wood. Color enhanced with environmentally friendly colorant to acheive proper hues. It is non-toxic… harmless to children, pets and the environment. This mulch is very slow to fade and reduces spore and fungal activity. With slower draw of nitrogen, it will not burn your plant material.